Hofstader Analytical Services  
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Digitally Controlled Shaker. (Images below show a variety of other in-house tests)

Hofstadter focuses on minimizing costs without compromising performance in both our analytical services and the other services highlighted on this page


Cooling System Design
We will design a thermal control system to allow your electronics and opto-mechanical systems to be used in diverse environments, combining off-the-shelf and custom components. Or, we can design and fabricate completely custom solutions.

Electronics Hardening
We are skilled in modifying commercial electronics to withstand demanding environments, and can validate our solutions using in-house vibration and shock test equipment.

Vibration and modal testing
We can use our NIST-traceable sensors for validating designs or evaluating field problems, or for military qualification testing.

Mechanical load testing
We use our hydraulic loading equipment to evaluate everything from the integrity of optical element bonds, to the strength of floor tiles.


Shock Test
In addition to our electromechanical shaker, we may use pendulum testing to evaluate the response of optical and electronic components. Pendulum testing is often a low cost, elegant solution.

Off-Site testing
We support testing at commercial test facilities. From test design/ quoting through monitoring, we can handle the entire process, freeing customer resources.

Multi-Physics Analysis
We have strong experience with many multi-physics problems, from dynamic wind-loading of structures on Mars, to fluid flow through cooling networks.