Hofstader Analytical Services  
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We enjoy long-term relationships with engineering teams, validating their work pre- and post-design & collaborating to improve final results.

Daniel Hofstadter is principal of Hofstadter Analytics and also answers to the title El Jefe. As a key part of his role in overall management of customer projects, he performs a variety of complex classical and numerical analyses that span many disciplines. He received a BS in Physics from the University of California at Irvine in 1980 and an MSAE from the University of Arizona in 1983.

Lynn Kot, the second core member, performs thermal and structural analysis of optical systems. She is highly skilled in both finite-element and classical methods, and has extensive design and project supervision experience. She received her BSAE from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 1986.
  Daniel & Lynn, pictured below, anchor the Hofstadter Analytical Services Team.

Rounding out the team is our long-time office manager, Stephanie Hunt, and a technical support staff to assist in setting-up calculations and field work as well as lab set up and monitoring of long duration tests.

As needed, we use a strong network of commercial testing labs and consulting partners to handle specialized requirements.
Daniel Hofstadter       Lynn Kot