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In each of these success stories, spotting an issue early, calculating its impact and predicting a solution helped customers improve end performance.

Complex Production Telescope In final development, working satisfactorily
Spotted Issue: Image elongation during imaging test
Calculation: Evaluate mount motion due to resonances and drive inputs
Predicted Solution: Image elongation is not a result of mount motion, but is due to atmospheric dispersion

Precision LED Lighting System Successfully undergoing field tests
Spotted Issue: Lamps could overheat
Calculation: LED junction temperature will exceed 110C, reducing reliability
Predicted Solution: Lamp structure and external fins should be modified to reduce peak temperatures by 20C at no additional manufacturing cost

Vehicle-Mounted Electronics Enclosure
Built & performing as predicted
Spotted Issue: Electronics likely to overheat in hot environments
Calculation: Temperature under various conditions exceeded the allowable values
Predicted Solution: Add air-cooled channel to design.  Temperatures will drop to acceptable levels

Spacecraft Soil Oven
Test Prototype Built
Spotted Issue: Unknown power requirement to achieve desired sample heating rate
Calculation: Quantified heat loss to surrounding structure and environment
Predicted Solution: Customer provided with required power levels to achieve goals

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