Hofstadter Analytical Services specializes in structural and thermal analysis of opto-mechanical systems, sensors, and electronics intended for end use in diverse environments.


For structural integrity, we analyze components within the overall goals of end system performance, including shock and vibration response, response to thermally-induced loads, stress analysis, stiffness calculations, and optical deformations.

For thermal response, we perform transient and steady-state thermal analyses of small components to full systems. We also design thermal control systems to meet performance requirements in every relevant environment.

For opto-mechanical performance, we develop highly predictive models, and can recommend alternate materials and configurations, as necessary.

Structural Analysis

  • Sensors and Instruments
  • Optical Assemblies
  • Structural Mounts and Supports, Electronic Components, Circuit Boards, and Assemblies
  • Vehicle and Airframe Components

Thermal Analysis

  • Electronics
  • Conventional/LED Lighting Systems
  • Sensor Systems
  • Telescopes and Components
  • Thermal Control Systems

Opto-Mechanical Analysis

  • Sensor Systems
  • Telescopes
  • Lens Assemblies and Mounts
  • Mirrors and Mirror Assemblies