Hofstadter Analytical Services specializes in structural and thermal analysis of opto-mechanical systems, sensors, and electronics intended for end use in diverse environments.


State of the Art Solar Telescope

Task: Provide structural and thermal analysis for all aspects of the telescope design.

Calculation: Has provided analytical support during the entire design process. From adaptive optics performance prediction to thermal control methodology.


Precision LED Lighting System

Spotted Issue: LED junction temperature would exceed 110°C reducing reliability

Predicted Solution: Lamp structure and external fins should be modified to reduce peak temperatures by 20°C at no additional manufacturing cost.


Vehicle-Mounted Electronics Enclosure

Spotted Issue: Electronics temperature under various conditions exceeded the allowable values.

Predicted Solution: Add air-cooled channel to design so temperatures will drop to acceptable levels.


Spacecraft Soil Oven

Spotted Issue: Environmental loads on spacecraft oven were not well defined.

Calculation: Established properties and convection coefficients to use in thermal analysis.

Predicted Solution: Analysis was performed and component performance validated.