Our Tucson Facility.


Founded in 2000, we serve customers world-wide from our offices in Tucson, Arizona USA. As a highly focused consulting firm, Hofstadter Analytical Services is committed to seeing your technology through to successful launch and operation in a wide range of applications and devices.

Our customers include aerospace companies developing remote sensors for both commercial and military applications, optics companies dealing with a host of optical support issues, medical equipment companies, astronomical observatories involved with equipment development, and research groups involved in spacecraft sensor development.

We tailor each analysis for maximum customer relevance. For finite-element analysis, we have NX/NASTRAN and other codes in-house as well as finite-difference codes, such as SINDA/G. In addition to our own CAD system, we have access to many popular CAD packages. This allows us to evaluate your product directly from your design models, and further speed collaboration.Learn More